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Family Constellation workshops in

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Very often in therapy it seems impossible to find causes for the difficulties of a person within the lifespan and life history of that person. In such cases, a wider perspective seems more appropriate.


Systemic thinking is based on the idea that nothing exists in isolation, and everything lives in continous interrelationship and interaction with its surroundings -  i.e. everything is part of various different systems.

Human beings also live in vastly complex webs of connections and interrelationships (systems) that exert profound influences on their members.

One of the most influential human systems is the family.

If we think of the family as an independent living system that is striving to sustain itself from generation to generation, that is governed by its own laws and rules, and that is more than the sum total of its members, our emotional reactions, behavior patterns, problems, and symptoms may gain a totally new meaning and function.

Systemic Constellations has its main focus 

on trans-generational patterns which - like underground streams - surface in the lives 

of some members of a family system while

remain totally hidden in the lives of others.

Systemic Family Constellations was developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. According to his theories, one of our most important needs and yearnings is to closely belong to our family and relatives.

This need is so strong that we are prepared to pay literally any price for it: we take burdens, hardships, responsibilities, whole life scripts on ourselves that might cost our health, success, happiness, occasionally even our lives.

Our need for belonging to our parents, relatives, and ancestors is so intense that we - unconsciously - happily take their suffering on ourselves rather than see them suffer.

Tragically, our sacrifice does nothing to redeem the fate of our loved ones. However well-meant, it is based on misapprehension, and is therefore of no use whatsoever.

According to the laws postulated by Hellinger,

the typical decisions and belief structures echoing

in our souls are, "if you couldn't enjoy life, neither

will I", "if you were denied freedom, I will limit myself, too", "if you had to die, I will follow you",

"if you had to suffer, I will also compromise my happiness" etc.

So, out of pure love and a sense of belonging, unconsciously we take on emotions and destinies that we don't even know - and wonder why our life is blocked.

Hellinger developed a technique that uniquely reveals the family dynamics of many generations and usually leads to profoundly cathartic discoveries and emotional experiences.

The same techniques can be applied to any problem that can be thought of as a disharmony of a 'system', or a conflict between a system and its parts/members.

Thanks to its fast development, today the technique is not only used for family  systems but for any problem we might have in our lives - because every person, emotion, thought, physiological structure etc. is always part of a number of

different systems. 

If we think of the body-mind system of a single individual, or the "inner team of sub-personalities" within the human psyche as systems, the newly developed techniques 

of Systemic Constellations can be applied to literally any issue an individual, a couple,

a family, or any group of people can ever encounter.

Systemic Constellations Therapy ("Hellinger-therapy") is not very well known in the

US yet, but in Europe it is one of the therapy models that is developing in the fastest and most complex ways.

For more information on our

Family Constellation

workshops in

New York City

and our

Certificate Training in

Systemic Constellations

please check out our website:

New York Institute of

Systemic Constellations

Group setting


Family Constellations Therapy is mostly a group technique. Groups are formed for one workshop (1 or 2 days), so there is no need for longer-term commitment.


Anyone is welcome to bring their own issue or problem to the group and work on it - by setting up their own individual constellation - with the help

of the group and the therapist.


It is also possible - and much recommended - to take part as an observer or representative.


Both ways of participating can lead to profound experiences and insights.

Individual setting


Family Constellations Therapy can be used in one-on-one settings as well.


In individual sessions various different props (figures, sheets of paper, pillows etc.) are used to represent persons, emotions, situations.

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(private or group),

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