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We all have times in our lives when we need some help to understand and solve our problems on a deeper, more profound level, or to get some outside support to achieve our goals.

The empathic presence and expert knowledge of a trained coach and psychotherapist can provide us with a protected and confidential space in which we can explore our thoughts, emotions, relationships, and behavior patterns.

Most therapeutic proccesses not only help to solve concrete, actual problems, but effect changes in the deeper layers of our personalities as well.

Our personalities grow more complex and mature, we learn to think about ourselves in

clearer and more differentiated ways, we discover new resources in ourselves, our relationships become deeper and more satisfying, new creative energies well up in us,

and we get to know a new sense of freedom.


The goals, intensities, depths and characteristics of a therapeutic process need therefore

to be based on a mutual agreement between client and therapist, and always require the active participation of the client.

The appropriate therapeutic techniques are chosen each time depending on the nature of

the problem, on the personality and emotional capacities of the individual, and on a number

of other factors. 

Not on your location, though ...! :-)

Here, you can read in more detail about...


  • the methods and techniques I use most in my work:

  • the problem areas most of my clients seek help with:


Having a large international


I am a well-established

online coach and therapist.

My online coaching and

psychotherapy services

are always available in

English, German

and Hungarian

from anywhere in the world.

To book a session, please 

click here:


At the arranged time,

just log in:  




Zoom ID:  474 177 0524

Passcode:  Anna


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