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How can I help you?

The empathic presence and expert knowledge of a trained coach and psychotherapist can provide us with a protected and confidential space in which we can explore our thoughts, emotions, relationships, and behavior patterns.

We all have phases in our lives when we cannot see clearly with regard to our emotions, relationships, life challenges.

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My most popular therapies

With difficulties of our emotinal well-being, cause and effect are not always a straightforward matter.

Persons with seemingly identical life experiences might develop totally different symptoms, whereas seemingly identical problems of different individuals might stem from totally different life circumstances, thinking patterns, or emotional characteristics.


Who needs therapy?

Most typical problem areas in my praxis:

Although psychotherapy can be - and is - a clinical treatment method for the most severe mental and emotional disturbances, too, most clients seeking psychotherapy are not 'clinical' cases.


They are just

normal, everyday human beings trying to feel

better, love more, understand themselves more clearly, think more realistically, function more adequately, have happier relationships, matter more to the world, and find more fulfillment in life.

    - depression, bipolar conditions
    - anxiety, panic, phobias, OCD
    - obesity, eating disorders
    - addictions, drugs, smoking, alcohol
    - sleep disturbances
    - pain (acute, chronic)
    - relationship problems, divorce, family problems
    - loneliness, desire for children,
    - gender issues, sexual problems
    - self-esteem
    - life transitions
    - emotional difficulties, grief, loss
    - history of childhood abuse or neglect
    - PTSD and other types of traumatic experiences (recent or longstanding)
    - psychosomatic symptoms, allergies
    - personality disorders
    - ADD and ADHD
    - stress, conflicts at work, burn-out
    - communication problems
    - time management, assertiveness, leadership
- breath- and body-mind techniques, autogenic training
- music-, movement- and arts therapies
- neuropsychological rehabilitation
- thematic therapies
          - weight loss, smoking cessation, allergies, pain etc.
- coaching
          - individual and group/team coaching
          - corporate/organizational coaching
          - workshops, trainings

Most important approaches in my praxis:

 - explorative (analytic/dynamic) therapy
- solution-focused brief therapy    
- hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis    
- cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
- couples counseling, sex therapy
- systemic family constellations (Hellinger-therapy)
- EMDR (Eye Movement Desinsitization and Reprocessing)
- relaxation, imagery, meditation
- mindfulness

Therapy methods

Most of our mental and emotional difficulties tend to stem from a number of different biological, psychological, and social factors, therefore they can be approached from a number of different angles, in a number of different ways

Different personalities with different issues might need different approaches to successfully tackle their problems.
No technique is better than any other, yet in a given situation one might be considerably more appropriate and effective than another.

In my work, I use a number of different approaches sometimes in a 'chemically pure' fashion, but mostly in complex and integrated ways.

We all have times in our lives when we need some help to understand and solve our problems on a deeper, more profound level, or to get some outside support to achieve our goals.

Most therapeutic proccesses not only help to solve concrete, actual problems, buteffect changes in the deeper layers of our personalities as well.

Our personalities grow more complex and mature,we learn to think about ourselves in clearer and more differentiated ways, we discover new resources in ourselves, our relationships become deeper and more satisfying, new creative energies well up in us, nd we get to know a new sense of freedom.

The goals, intensities, depths and characteristics of a therapeutic process need therefore to be based on a mutual agreement between client and therapist, and always require the active participation of the client.

The appropriate therapeutic techniques are chosen each time depending on the nature of the problem, on the personality and emotional capacities of the individual, and on a number of other factors.





My most popular therapies

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which our perception, memory, physical sensations, orientation in space and time, attention, emotions, and thinking all change. In trance states certain experiences - unavailable for normal states of consciousness - become more readily accessible.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic discipline that makes purposeful and instrumental use of the potentials of various trance states.

However, hypnosis is a natural phenomenon and, in and of itself, has no curative effect whatsoever. Rather, it is the therapeutic interventions and processes taking place under hypnosis that can bring about changes in a person's life. Lasting therapeutic changes always require the active participation of the client.

Two main forms of hypnotherapy

In case of relaxational hypnosis, the patient generally sits back comfortably with their eyes closed while staying in active communication with the therapist.

In active-alert hypnosis, the client is pedaling on a stationary bicycle (ergometer) while the therapeutic interventions – generally using spontaneus and guided imagery – are taking place.

Other forms of hypnotherapy include hypnoanalytic therapy, brief solution-focused hypnotherapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, thematic hypnotherapies (e.g. weight loss, smoking cessation, sexual dysfunctions, pain reduction, etc.).


Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy aiming to help couples and individuals regain an active and harmonious sex life and increase sexual satisfaction.

In its basic forms, sex therapy can help to learn new and more appropriate techniques, re-kindle desire and enjoyment, eliminate pain or disruptions of normal sexual functionings, clarify issues of sexual orientation or identity, etc.

It also helps to clarify, understand, and differentiate biological, psychological, relational, contextual and technical aspects of sexual issues.

Sex therapy is based on a thorough medical and psychological examination, but is mainly focused on eliminating the symptoms themselves. Therefore, sex therapy is usually relatively short-term.

However, sexual problems are often not only a matter of biological functioning or lack of technical skills, but symptoms of deeper emotional issues of the individual or the couple. Therefore sex therapy is often a joint venture with relationship counseling and/or with individual psychotherapy.

Issues of attachment, intimacy, commitment, communication, self-esteem, shame, fear, anxiety, unconscious expectations, performance anxieties, traumatic memories, but also gender roles, social expectations, virtual reality etc. can all play a role in our sex life.

The ultimate goal of relationship counseling and sex therapy is always a happy, harmonious, intimate and loving relationship.





Very often in therapy it seems impossible to find causes for the difficulties of a person within the lifespan and life history of that person. In such cases, a wider perspective seems more appropriate.

Systemic thinking is based on the idea that nothing exists in isolation, and everything lives in continous interrelationship and interaction with its surroundings -  i.e. everything is part of various different systems. Human beings also live in vastly complex webs of connections and interrelationships (systems) that exert profound influences on their members.

If we think of the family as an independent living system that is striving to sustain itself from generation to generation, that is governed by its own laws and rules, and that is more than the sum total of its members, our emotional reactions, behavior patterns, problems, and symptoms may gain a totally new meaning and function.

Systemic Family Constellations was developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. According to his theories, one of our most important needs and yearnings is to closely belong to our family and relatives.

This need is so strong that we are prepared to pay literally any price for it: we take burdens, hardships, responsibilities, whole life scripts on ourselves that might cost our health, success, happiness, occasionally even our lives.

Our need for belonging to our parents, relatives, and ancestors is so intense that we - unconsciously - happily take their suffering on ourselves rather than see them suffer.Tragically, our sacrifice does nothing to redeem the fate of our loved ones. However well-meant, it is based on misapprehension, and is therefore of no use whatsoever. So, out of pure love and a sense of belonging, unconsciously we take on emotions and destinies that we don't even know - and wonder why our life is blocked.

Hellinger developed a technique that uniquely reveals the family dynamics of many generations and usually leads to profoundly cathartic discoveries and emotional experiences. The same techniques can be applied to any problem that can be thought of as a disharmony of a 'system', or a conflict between a system and its parts/members.

Thanks to its fast development, today the technique is not only used for family systems but for any problem we might have in our lives - because every person, emotion, thought, physiological structure etc. is always part of a number of different systems.

If we think of the body-mind system of a single individual, or the "inner team of sub-personalities" within the human psyche as systems, the newly developed techniques of Systemic Constellations can be applied to literally any issue an individual, a couple, a family, or any group of people can ever encounter.

Systemic Constellations Therapy ("Hellinger-therapy") is not very well known in the US yet, but in Europe it is one of the therapy models that is developing in the fastest and   most complex ways.

According to the laws postulated by Hellinger, the typical decisions and belief structures echoing in our souls are , "if you couldn't enjoy life, neither will I", "if you were denied freedom, I will limit myself, too", "if you had to die, I will follow you", "if you had to suffer, I will also compromise my happiness" etc.

Dr. Anna Fekete

I started my career as a classical musician, but soon my interest in the scientific and metaphysical aspects of the human condition took over.

As I have extensive training and professional experience not only in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, CBT, EMDR, systemic constellations, and coaching, but also in music, dance, and the creative arts, as well as in various body-mind techniques (yoga, shiatsu, TCM, martial arts, meditation and trance techniques, etc.), in my therapeutic work I use a rather rich and varied repertoire of therapeutic and coaching techniques.

At the moment I live in NYC, am the Supervisor of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Therapy at Mount Sinai St. Luke's and Mount Sinai West Hospitals, and run a successful private practice in Manhattan.

In over 20 years of professional experience, I have worked with the whole gamut of psychological and relationship problems, psychiatric disorders, and neuropsychological conditions both in clinical and in private settings.
I have worked for large corporations and small companies, and have been a successful trainer, workshop leader, and lecturer for over two decades. I am an adjunct professor at several universities. Having a large international clientele, I am a well-established online coach and therapist.

My online coaching and psychotherapy services are always available in English, German and Hungarian from anywhere in the world.

If you feel you would like to find out more about how short-term counseling and coaching, longer-term psychotherapy, other self-developmental venues, systemic family constellations (Hellinger-therapy) or my online coaching and therapy services might help you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

About me


Clinical Psychology – University of Pécs (Hungary)
Clinical Psychotherapy – Semmelweis University, Medical School, Budapest (Hungary)
PhD in Music Psychotherapy – Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hamburg (Germany)
MA in Psychology  –  Newport University (US) / Karoli University, Budapest

Licensed Psychotherapist - New York (US)
European Certificate of Psychotherapy – European Association for Psychotherapy
European Certificate in Psychology – Registered EuroPsy Psychologist / Clinical and Health Psychology

Hypnotherapy –  Association for Integrative Psychotherapy, Budapest
Sexology and Sex Therapy – Semmelweis University, Medical School, Budapest
Systemic Family Constellations - Systems Academy, Budapest / Deutsche Ges. f. Systemaufstellungen
Voice Movement Therapy  –  International Association for VMT, London (UK)
Music Therapy –  University of Surrey, London (UK)


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