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I started my career as a classical musician, but soon my interest in the scientific and metaphysical aspects of the human condition took over. 

I have extensive training and professional experience in clinical psychology, analytic/

psychodynamic/Jungian psychotherapies, clinical hypnotherapy, CBT, EMDR, IFS, couples therapy, systemic family constellations, systemic business constellations, music therapy, creative arts therapies, Focusing, various different somatic psychotherapies, Voice Movement Therapy (VMT), Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapies, Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP), life and business coaching, and a number of other therapeutic modalities.

However, I also have decades of training and professional experience in music, dance, the creative arts, ... as well as in various body-mind techniques (yoga, shiatsu, TCM, martial arts, meditation and trance techniques, etc.).


Riding the very first waves of the "psychedelic renaissance" in the mental health field, I've trained extensively in a number of different modalities of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapies and have been working with psychedelics for 5 years now.

A former Supervisor of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Therapy at Mount Sinai St. Luke's and Mount Sinai West Hospitals in New York City, I now run a successful private practice in Manhattan.

In 25+ years of professional experience, I've worked with the whole gamut of psychological and relationship problems, psychiatric disorders and neuropsychological conditions both in clinical and in private settings.

I've worked for large corporations and small companies, and have been a successful organizational/executive coach and workshop leader.

I've also taught at several colleges and universities for over two decades.

Having a large international clientele, my online coaching and psychotherapy services are always available from anywhere in the world.


Licensed Psychotherapist - New York State (US)

Licensed Clinical Psychologist - Hungary (EU)

Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist - Hungary (EU)

European Certificate of Psychotherapy  – European Association for Psychotherapy

European Certificate in Psychology – Registered EuroPsy Psychologist / Clinical and Health Psychology



Dr. Anna Fekete




Couples and Sex Therapy

Systemic Family Constellations Therapy​


Psychedelic Psychotherapy

Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP)


Psychotherapy (KAP)



Psychotherapy (CAP)


Psychedelic Integration


Life & Executive Coaching

Individual & Group Coaching​

Organizational Constellations



Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy – California Insititute of Integral Studies (CIIS) (CA; US)

Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy – Psychedelic Somatic Institute (PSI) (CO; US)

MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy – Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) (CA; US)

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy – The Ketamine Training Center (KTC) (CA; US)

Postgraduate Certificate in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) - Fluence (NY; US)

​Postgraduate Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy & Integration Therapy – Fluence (NY; US)

Hypnotherapy  –  Association for Integrative Psychotherapy (Hungary)
Couples and Sex Therapy – Semmelweis University, Medical School, Budapest (Hungary)
Systemic Family Constellations - Systems Academy, Budapest / Deutsche Ges. f. Systemaufstellungen (Germany)
Voice Movement Therapy  –  International Association for VMT, London (UK)
Music Therapy  –  University of Surrey, London (UK)

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology – University of Pécs (Hungary)

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychotherapy – Semmelweis University, Medical School, Budapest (Hungary)

PhD in Music Psychotherapy – Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hamburg (Germany)

MA in Psychology  –  Newport University (US) / Karoli University, Budapest (Hungary)

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