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As most forms of psychotherapy, couples therapy can also vastly be enhanced by the use of legal psychedelic substances. Ketamine and cannabis are already legally available, and other subtsances will hopefully soon be added to the list, too.

Altered states of consciousness as well as altered emotional states can be vastly conducive to new perspectives, reduced defensiveness, increased empathy, and a more heart-based understanding of nearly every aspect of a complex relationship.

Psychedelic Couples Therapy is a specialized form of couples therapy that incorporates the use of psychedelic substances to enhance the therapeutic process for couples. It involves the intentional use of psychedelics to facilitate deeper exploration, connection, communication, and healing within the relationship.

In Psychedelic Couples Therapy, both partners in a committed relationship participate in the therapy sessions, and a trained therapist guides the process.


At the moment only ketamine and cannabis can legally be used in a therapeutic context in NY State.

For all the specific details of how to obtain a prescription for ketamine, please refer to the relevant pages of my website. 


Key Components of Psychedelic-Assisted

Couples Therapy

The specific approach and structure of sessions can vary depending on the needs of the couple, but here are some common elements:

Preparation and intention setting

Prior to the psychedelic session, we'll work to establish clear intentions and goals for  the therapy. We will explore the individual and relational challenges, desires, and expectations that the couple brings to the therapy.


Psychedelic/psycholytic session

During the session, the couple takes a carefully administered dose of a psychedelic substance. The low dosage will help the couple to stay within the "psycholytic" (rather than the "psychedelic") realm to enable them to communicate clearly while maintaining an altered state of consciousness. 

The partners will receive continuous guidance and support to safely navigate the emotional landscapes of their psychedelic experience.


Deepening connection and communication

The psychedelic experience can help couples access heightened states of empathy, emotional openness, introspection, communication, connection, honesty and intimacy, and may help them explore and understand deeper layers of their relational dynamics and patterns.

We may work with guided conversations, bodywork, sustained eye contact, non-verbal interactions, body-centered practices, individual explorations or shared experiences.

Processing and integration

After the psychedelic session, we'll work to deepen understanding, address challenges, explore the insights and new emotions, and foster integration of the psychedelic experience into their daily lives and relationship. 



We may schedule follow-up sessions to continue the therapeutic process, support the ongoing integration of the experience, discuss progress, and address any lingering questions or challenges that may arise.​​

My Practice

Length of sessions

3 - 4 hours


For the specific details of working with a psychedelic substance, please refer to the following pages:

- Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

- Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

- Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy (CAP)

Problems & Techniques/Modalities

For the specific details of what problems I work with, and what therapeutic techniques and modalities I use, please refer to the following pages:

- Couples & Sex Therapy

- Psychotherapy

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