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Methods - Techniques - Modalities


Most of our mental and emotional difficulties tend to stem from a number of different biological, psychological, and social factors, therefore they can be approached from a number of different angles, in a number of different ways.

Most therapeutic proccesses not only help to solve concrete, actual problems, but effect changes in the deeper layers of our personalities as well.​

Our personalities grow more complex and mature, we learn to think about ourselves in clearer and more differentiated ways, we discover new resources in ourselves, our relationships become deeper and more satisfying, new creative energies well up in us, and we get to know a new sense of freedom.

Different personalities with different issues might need different approaches to successfully tackle their problems.

No technique is better than any other, yet in a given situation one might be considerably more appropriate and effective than another.

The goals, intensities, depths and characteristics of a therapeutic process need therefore to be based on a mutual agreement between client and therapist, and always require the active participation of the client.

The appropriate therapeutic techniques are chosen each time depending on the nature of the problem, on the personality and emotional capacities of the individual, and on a number of other factors. 

In my work, I use a number of different psychotherapeutic and coaching techniques in complex and integrated ways - depending on what the situation seems to require.

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My Practice


Individual Psychotherapies

  • Analytic/psychodynamic/Jungian therapy

  • Solution-focused brief therapy

  • Hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis

  • Systemic family constellations

  • Dream Analysis

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems)

  • EMDR

  • NLP 

  • EFT

  • Relaxation, imagery, meditation

  • Focusing, Somatic Psychotherapies

  • Mindfulness

  • Breath- and Body-Mind Techniques

  • Autogenic Training

  • Music-, Movement- and Arts Therapies

  • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Couples Therapies

  • Couples Therapy

  • Sex Therapy

  • Psychedelic Couples Therapy

Systemic Therapies

  • Systemic Family Constellation Therapy

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies

  • Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Psychedelic Somatic Psychotherapy (PSIP)

  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Pschedelic Couples Therapy

  • Psychedelic Integration Therapy

  • Psychedelic Harm Reduction


  • Individual and group/team coaching

  • Corporate/organizational coaching

  • Workshops, trainings

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